Who Is J. White & Company
and how can we help your company?

J. White & Company is a premier boutique retained executive search firm committed to helping its select group of clients/partners fill key positions with the candidates who are not only most qualified, but whose backgrounds, goals and personalities are perfect fits with the company.

We Know The Financial Services Industry
And Where To Find The Right People

J. White & Company has enjoyed 25 years of success as an executive search firm. For the past decade we have focused exclusively on the financial services industry. Our areas of expertise include:

    Investment Banking
    Asset Management
    Life Insurance
    Commercial Banking / Capital Markets

Our Smaller Size Gives You Bigger Advantages
J. White & Company is a premier boutique by choice. We work with a select group of companies in each area of financial services. When we partner with a client, that client receives our complete and total commitment. We become obsessed with helping that client find the right people. Because of our select client base, we have no major "hands-off" policy regarding companies from whom we can recruit. Our clients will gain access to 90% of their competitors.

Finding The Right Candidate Is Far Better
Than "Creating" The Right Candidate

One of the reasons we have a 95% success rate is because we look for candidates who are a "natural" fit for the position and our client. We don't try to mold them into the perfect candidate, nor do we allow candidates to adjust their profiles to fit the job.

As a premier boutique, it is paramount that we identify all candidates who meet our client's profile and communicate our client's story to everyone in that universe.

The Secret To Our Success:
The J. White & Company Process

1. We meet with our client to find out what is important to them. This is not just a job description, but what type of personality is a good fit? What is the culture of your firm? What is your vision? How do you see this person in that picture? What is unique about your firm? We form a relationship and truly partner with our clients. As a boutique, our success is dependent on your success.

2. Together with our client, we develop a candidate profile. We then develop a list of target companies from whom we will recruit. We identify all possible contenders. We make it our obsession to talk to every person who might be a candidate. We tell your story and we find out whom they would suggest we speak with if they have no personal interest. Through this process we know we will find those who may be a fit for your opportunity.

3. Now that we have identified a candidate, we take on the role of consultants. This is one of the biggest benefits of working with J.White & Company. We now try to find out why this candidate is not a fit. When we present a candidate to a client, all potential deal breakers are identified.

4. We present potential candidates to our clients with a complete consult on each one. We act as liaison, recruiter, consultant, and partner. We ensure that everything is in place so that when an offer is made the risk of surprise has been minimized.

5. After an offer is made we follow the candidate from the resignation throughout their transition to their new position. We maintain a dialog with the candidate and the client during the first quarter of employment, providing constant feedback to ensure a smooth transition.

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